Poor Baby

I guess I’m naive but I thought the great thing about breastfeeding is that it prevents babies from getting sick. Well Evy’s been sick, to some degree, for the past 3-4 weeks. I thought she was over the cold she had, then symptoms started to appear all over again.

It is heartbreaking looking at her watery, itchy eyes, the snot flow out of her nose, and her lower lip pout because she is so miserable. I can hardly bear this part of parenting because I feel so sorry for her.

After reading some articles online, it looks like the baby only receives the mother’s immunity. So, the other sad part of watching my baby girl in complete agony is that I know I’ll get whatever she has in just a few short days. Wonderful.

Why didn’t anyone tell me that, prior to becoming pregnant, I should have exposed myself to every virus and bacterial infection possible because at that point I could at least take medication?? It is absolutely no fun fighting off infections without modern day arsenal to rely on. Some women go ahead and take the medication anyway, which I’m sure is fine in the end, but I can never do it. I suppose I enjoy being a martyr to some extent.

Most mothers look forward to the day they can drink alcohol or smoke without guilt. I’ll take a tall shot of Nyquil and an adult dosage of Mucinex D over a margarita and a cigarette any day.

My advice for any planning-to-someday-get-pregnant reader out there is to seek out sickness now. Build up immunity for your baby and have a field day at the drug store.

Take a swig of Robitussin for me and Evy while your at it. I’m off to shove some kleenex up my nose.


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