Parenting Tip #426

In preparation for parenthood, I’ve asked a lot of seasoned veterans for advice. My favorite answers are the unique ideas that are specific to real-life situations. Here’s a little nugget of wisdom from my super mommy sister-in-law:

Put the Gimme’s in Your Pockets

Whenever my sister-in-law would take her three children to the store, she would always stop them at the front door and tell them to “put the gimme’s in your pockets.” Hearing this command, the children would swipe a hand over their open mouth and “grab” their gimme’s, then place them in their pockets.

“Gimme’s” of course being the incessant requests for everything on the shelves.

She said this was one of the greatest ideas she had as a parent. She walked through the grocery store watching other children have meltdowns and tantrums while her kids calmly cruised the aisles. They had already put their “wants” away.

This one’s a keeper folks.


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