Scary World

“We’re recommending to people that they stay home … and that they don’t go anyplace and congregate in large crowds.”from

The world is scary.

You might get hurt if you go outside.

Strangers are dangerous. Do not trust anyone.

After the explosions that happened in Boston today, I’m sad to think of how the world will look when Evy is older. Actually, not so much the world, more the U.S.A.

In other parts of the world, people have lived with this kind of fear and uncertainty for decades. Senseless violent acts against the innocent are commonplace. I can’t imagine being a mother and wondering if the trip to the grocery store will be interrupted by a suicide bomber. Or if a terrorist group might recruit my son to be that bomber. Or if a militia will raid my village and steal the innocence of my daughter.

Sadly the list of “or ifs” goes on and on.

Today we saw a glimpse into how that might feel. When something as innocuous as a marathon is forever tainted by the a memory of something evil.

To be fair, this isn’t the only evil act of recent years to remind us of our nation’s decline. Shootings, corruption, sexual scandals, and attacks all come to mind.

This is a tough one though. Three people are dead and hundreds are injured because someone was mad and wanted to be noticed. That person or persons ruined a type of event that has always inspired rather than dismayed.

I pray for all those affected by today’s events, and I also pray for those people in other nations who feel this sadness daily.

Thank you Lord for letting us know that this is not how things are supposed to be.

An eternity is waiting that makes a lot more sense than this.

“The Lord knows the days of the blameless, and their inheritance will be forever.” Psalm 22:26


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