Coolest Mom Ever

Kerri Walsh is officially the coolest mom ever.

I can just see her attending a mommy meet-up group for the first time. The other moms go around bragging about the athletic feats they accomplished while preggo…

“I went water skiing when I was four months pregnant.”

“Oh yeah? Well I went snowboarding at six months.”

“That’s nothing. I climbed Kilimanjaro at 14 weeks.”

Six-foot-two Kerri quietly sits in the corner with her three tall, athletic children. She raises her eyebrows and nods in recognition after each woman shares her achievement.

Just before they move onto the next topic of conversation, the moms glance Kerri’s direction, waiting for her input.

Casually, she shrugs her shoulders and says, “I won my third gold medal in the Olympic games when I was pregnant.”

“Actually, I did it in a bikini.”


Coolest mom ever.



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