I’ve been thinking about my previous blog post called “Subletting.” It’s the burden of many (wannabe) writers like me. You write something and then you’re suddenly held accountable to live by the words you wrote.

So, I just want to clarify something. Specifically, I want to get it in writing that I respect Matt and Brooke for the faith they have and one of the unique ways I think they express that faith. I’m talking about their intentionally austere abode – second hand furniture, small space, no central air, no washer or dryer, and a sound system that still plays cassette tapes.

Keep in mind, they might not have an apartment like this due to their faith at all.

They might be purchasing lottery tickets by the handful hoping to one day drive a BMW and own a coastal home in the Hamptons.

Regardless of their intentions, I just want to make it known that although I respect an act of faith that involves living with (much, much) less, I don’t necessarily believe that’s the road I want to travel. Most of the time we’re in Matt and Brooke’s apartment, Mark and I feel like we’re biding our time, watching the weekdays pass until the weekend comes, when we can visit a family member who happens to have a large house, central air, a yard, plush new furniture, filtered water, a dishwasher, TVs with surround sound, a washer and dryer, adequate water pressure, etc. etc. etc.

Sure, we can live with less, and appreciate the novelty of living in a shockingly small space. However, I would be a hypocrite if I said I could and would live like this long term. I also view our place in Raleigh as a temporary arrangement. A place we live while working towards the next chapter of our lives.

Ah, the next chapter.  A chapter when this suppressed HGTV addict will be unleashed. When Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware (or maybe the knock off stores) will experience a significant increase in daily visits to their websites. When World Market cashiers will know me by my first name.

A girl can dream can’t she?

The thing is, there’s a good chance this dream could come true. Mark will have an advanced degree in a field of high demand and hopefully I’ll be contributing in a significant way through nursing, writing, or whatever I happen to be into at the time.

If and when that day comes when we can upgrade our living quarters, I hope we also view that as a unique way to express our faith. Yes, maybe we won’t be denying ourselves all our wants and wishes. However, like many people that have been so kind to us this summer and throughout our lives, we want to share our space with as many friends, family, acquaintances, heck even strangers, as possible.

We want people to “dream” of visiting our home and revel in its comforts and conveniences.

Hopefully we will view that future home as not so much OUR space, but a space that God has provided so that we can “pay it forward” if you will.

After all, we have LOTS to pay forward. Mark and I have been on the mooch train for a long time. We lived with family and friends early in our marriage while Mark played soccer, during the season and off. While Mark’s in graduate school, we have been on the receiving end of countless meals, gifts, and even hot showers (in homes with good water pressure).

We feel overwhelmingly humbled whenever we look back at all these blessings. God has been so good to us and we know one of His greatest gifts has been the generosity of our loved ones – the Slovicks, Schultes, Wiebers, Heltons, Kalorins, Hanishes, Kuehls, Vanderwerffs, Klaus’, Sitzwohls, Savages, Salibas, Aholas, Geissbauers, Dahlheimers, Bjorlins, Khunles, Arny and Ole, and so, SO many more.

It is our goal to make someone else’s list of generous loved ones.

I don’t mind being held accountable to that.


2 thoughts on “Addendum

  1. You and Mark are already on my list of generous loved ones for allowing us to stay with you guys in Ohio and North Carolina 🙂 I’m excited to eventually be generous to you guys in having you stay in Joe and my future home and to continue to stay with you and Mark and Evie wherever the Lord takes you!

    1. You are so sweet Jenna. We feel honored to be on your list 🙂 Can’t wait to stay at you and Joe’s house one day!

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