Billy’s Chicken Coop

Off to the chicken coop we flew

Where an adventure was beginning to brew

With desires to hear the cluck of a hen

Or spy on a rooster awake in his pen


Instead we came upon a kind of creature

Who possessed quite unpoultry-like features

Four hooves, two horns, and a short stubby tail

Along with a dirge he so loudly could wail


Perhaps he was lonely and feeling left out

With no beak and feathers, donning fur and a snout

Amongst the chickens the goat looked kind of silly

So we befriended the buck and named him Billy
As he sprang towards us, his ears flopped up and down

When he reached the fence, his face had a frown


We said “hello” and patted his head

Then told him to retreat in the shade of his shed

Saying “goodbye” we turned away

But little Billy begged us to stay
He whimpered and pleaded for our attention

With sadness beyond our comprehension

Guiltily we traipsed back to the house

Someone sneaking behind as quiet as a mouse
We turned to see a mischievous grin

It seems the fence could not keep Billy in


We shook our heads and said “oh no Billy”

“You’re not allowed to run willy nilly”

After placing him back with his feathery pals

He wasn’t excited to see the beak bearing gals
Not once, not twice, not even three times

Could we return Billy to his chickenly confines

A neighbor looked out while baking her quiche

She offered us help, “Do you need a leash?”
Running out of all options, we said “Yes we do!”

“And a tranquilizer gun if you have one, too!”

Grandma held onto the leash with all of her might

The kid would not win, not in this fight


Despite Grandma’s nudge

Not an inch would he budge

This goat was determined

“No more egg laying vermin!”
No more cluck clucks here or cluck clucks there

This goat did not want chickens anywhere


After a while, a little old lady came out

“I know this goat!” we heard her shout

We watched her with hope as she waved her hand

Suddenly at attention our Billy did stand
He listened intently and obeyed every word

Billy had found the lead of his herd

The little old lady had him follow in line

“He’s not lonely, you just have to know the right sign”
She brought him home with the clucks and cockadoodles

He looked as obedient as a pure bred show poodle


The woman turned to us, “Let me teach you. I insist!”

“It’s easy, just look, it’s the flick of your wrist”

Billy gave us a wink and entered his shed

After all the commotion, he was ready for bed.



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