We arrived in our North Carolina home a week and a half ago. I can hardly believe the summer in Minnesota is over. I knew it would fly by, as do most things nowadays, but I still can’t believe we were there. It’s like a favorite movie or TV series that you decide to watch all in a row, marathon style. You build up to the momentous viewing event for a long time, and when it finally arrives, you’re captivated. The show has beloved characters, a riveting plot, familiar scenery, and wonderful little quirks along the way that you didn’t remember.

When the series ends, you feel a mix of emotions. In one sense happy that you can get off the couch and back to normal life, but in another sense sad that you can’t stay in that world for longer.

Even though Mark and I can’t begin to describe the joy that comes with sleeping in our own bed, we are so very grateful for the summer in Minnesota. I know Evy is too. Minnesota and all its characters will hold a special place in her heart all her life.

So, you know how at the end of every television series they play a montage of all the show’s highlights? Well, even though this montage does not include even half of the faces and places that made our trip special, it gives a taste of Evy’s first summer in this world.

Enjoy the highlight reel.


The Boys

Two of the greatest reminders of my aunt Cheryl are her twin boys, Marshall and Tucker. They are thoughtful, funny, smart, and as you can see below, handsome as all get out. Brent, my uncle and their dad, asked if I would test out my photography skills by doing an impromptu photo shoot of the three of them while we were at the cabin for Memorial Day back in May. He loaned me his Canon Rebel for a month so I could see if I wanted one of my own.

Needless to say, I love it and I am addicted to Photoshop. It also helps to have a family of three good looking men as your muse. Here are some of my favs…