About Me

My name is Melissa, but most people know me as Mick. I decided to start this blog, tothefull168.com after writing a different blog that chronicled the events that led to the birth of our daughter, Evy. You can visit that blog and see how our story played out at www.wheresmystork.wordpress.com. To sum it up, I struggled with infertility and had miscarriages before I was able to have children. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face. Now I have two amazing children which makes the ending of that story a happy one for me and my husband. I know many woman and men don’t get that happy ending though so it’s still a difficult thing to talk about, but in a new way.

By writing through that struggle, I realized that organizing the thoughts in my jumbled brain helps. It’s like therapy and if you’ve read my blog, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “This lady needs therapy.”

I do photography too, which feels like a selfish activity because I love it so much. You can check out my photography work HERE (new webpage coming soon). Photography is more of a want, but writing is a need. I can tell when I haven’t flushed an idea out. I get kind of crabby and disappointed with my life, which is just ridiculous because I have an awesome thing going on.

I write about lots of random things like being a reluctant stay-at-home mom. Living on a graduate student’s stipend with two kids. Being a dreamer and a mommy and the struggle between the two. My faith journey. Gun control. Having a small business. Tommy Lee Jones. Breast feeding. Babies. Finding my style.

I told you it was random.

Long ago, before I got married or became a mom, I got a degree in Journalism from MIzzou. Then when I didn’t know if I could have kids, I went back to school and took a bunch of science courses because I thought I wanted to be a P.A. The success I had in those classes is all thanks to my genius husband who is about to earn his Phd in Chemical Engineering…yes, I married up….oh and he was also a professional soccer player when we first met….nice. work. Mick.

I try hard to be authentic with my writing. That’s the kind of stuff I want to read and that’s why I blog. Sometimes I miss it and I look back and dry heave a bit at the cheesiness of my posts.

But sometimes I get words out that just feel like me. Those posts are what keep me coming back. Maybe they’ll do the same for you.

(Or maybe you’ll dry heave a little, in which case, I’m sorry).


One thought on “About Me

  1. So fun to read this Mick! I have about 5 favorite places I visit (espn, us bank, village bank, startribune and CNN…pretty pathetic but that’s about it.) But now like with the mystork, I have yet another (even if it is meant for women 🙂 ). You write so well, thanks again…

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