Chicken Butt

What would you guess if I said, “guess what?” excitedly, with a huge cheesy smile across my face?

I bet I know what you would say.

Maybe you’ve seen me in “real life” and you’ve noticed the drooping of my lids.

The bulging of my belly.

The surplus of scatter in my already sufficiently scattered brain.

Perhaps the rumor mill has reached you and you’re patiently waiting for a fanciful Facebook announcement that you can appropriately comment on with your congratulations.

Maybe your Facebook comment under my status, “Guess What?”, would be “there’s another fetus in your gut,” or “you and Mark have made a mutt”, or “I guess your love life’s not in a rut.”

Whatever your response may be, we are so excited to share this news. Baby #2 has been growing for 14 weeks. He or she (we’re hoping not to find out until the delivery) is due around September 24th.

It’s been a restless first trimester with energetic (and heavy!) Evy around. (Hence the absence from blogging if anyone was wondering). But we feel so incredibly grateful to God that little Evy will have a sibling soon.

Here’s baby #2 at our ultrasound about a month ago: